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STEMkey Module 1

By January 2022January 19th, 2022No Comments

Module 1 is an introduction and guideline for using the other Modules 2-13 and implementing them in Higher Education programs. Whereas Modules 2-12 each provide a complementary collection of educational materials and activities, Module 1 is a contiguous document. It can transform your STEM lessons from one-sided knowledge delivery into a powerful development option for STEM knowledge, skills and attitudes likewise. Knowledge, skills and attitudes are the three elements of a key competence. The European Education Area finds that each citizen must be allowed to acquire key competences to be able to fully and successfully take part in society, to be a responsible citizen and to contribute to Europe’s leadership.

Module 1 provides a comprehensive understanding of the European Key Competence Framework, and shows how interdisciplinary STEM approaches are a major tool to use the Framework in teaching standard STEM topics. In order to provide a basis for the other outputs, Module 1 will introduce readers into educational approaches which have been identified as supportive for the development of key competences and gives examples for transfer into teaching practice.

As soon as the development outputs will be practice tested and reviewed, you can find them here (in 2023). In case you need materials on STEM competence-based teaching before that, please contact us directly!

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