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Summer Schools

ICSE Academy Summer schools is one of the three Professional learning strategies.

The ICSE Academy will test and implement the format of collaborative summer schools to provide a full immersion experience based on physical mobility for pre-service and in-service STEM teachers from across Europe. As with the interdisciplinary workshop series, the thematic focus will be on topics related to EU key priorities in STEM teaching and innovative teaching methods and the pedagogic concept will be a collaboration-based format and shall foster knowledge transfer in education and learning about and from each other.

The main outcome here is (1) an increased awareness of STEM teachers with regards to Europe’s diversity in STEM education contexts and better ability to bring European dimensions into their STEM classrooms, (2) an increase of teaching quality through updated and relevant thematic knowledge and practical skills, and (3) first-hand intercultural experience in education among STEM teachers and better preparedness to deal with cultural dimensions in their classrooms.

The focus of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education summer school is bringing participants up to date in research and teaching practices in the field of the STEM subjects, and refreshing and deepening the knowledge of meaningful and relevant educational practices. Topics will include inquiry-based learning and interdisciplinarity, cultural diversity and inclusion, curriculum development and assessment, and the use and impact of technology on STEM education.

The Summer School on STEM Education offers a blend of lectures, seminars and workshops on educational research and development in the fields of primary, secondary and higher education. The program will be tailored towards the diverse interests of student-teachers, doctoral students, teachers, teacher educators and researchers.

Summerschool Utrecht Netherland 21-25 August 2023

Download the flyer (docx file).

The Summer School is organized by the Freudenthal Institute of the Faculty of Science of Utrecht University in collaboration with ICSE Academy.

The goals of this summer school are an increased awareness with regards to diversity in STEM education and to values such as sustainability and inclusivity in STEM classrooms, an enrichment of thematic knowledge and practical skills, and first-hand intercultural experiences.

There are now over 50 applications from several countries for the Summerschool 2023.

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