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The ICSE Academy European workshop series

Coming in autumn 2023: for pre- and in-service science, technology, engineering, maths and STEM teachers

The consortium partners (ITE and CPD providers from across Europe), together with invited guest lecturers, will offer a semester-long series of online workshop events. The focus of this workshop series is to bring participants up to date in research and teaching in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in connection with European priorities such as fostering sustainability, digital skills and intercultural learning. We aim at refreshing and deepening the knowledge of meaningful and relevant educational practices. Sessions will include inquiry-and problem-based learning and interdisciplinarity, cultural diversity and inclusion, curriculum development and assessment in Europe, and the use and impact of digital technology on STEM education.

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The European workshop series will offer a blend of seminars and workshops in the fields of primary and secondary education. The program will be tailored towards the diverse interests of teachers and student-teachers. The workshop series is organized by the ICSE Academy (International Centre for STEM Education).

The events will take place weekly over the period of a semester. Each week the workshop will be given by another ITE/CPD provider or guest on another subtopic, with the other HEI and teachers from all partner countries attending.

The workshop series will be an innovative PD offer in Europe that unites several important features of successful, relevant, and attractive PD: It will be held in English, allows for virtual mobility across Europe and build a European dimension and multi-country perspective in teacher education, enables knowledge exchange in European STEM education and it will be based on collaborative pedagogy so as to support knowledge transfer and a collaboration culture among teachers across countries.

The main outcome here is that pre- and in-service STEM teachers exchange interculturally, get to know teaching styles from multi-country perspectives, learn about European priorities and develop the competences, skills and attitudes to bring new and societally relevant topics and learning styles into their STEM classrooms.

Timing (first round)

We aim at 12 sessions in the period 15 September – 15 December 2023

Join us!

For more information get in contact with the project manager Elena Köck or visit our website.

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