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Summerschool Utrecht Netherland 21-25 August 2023

Download the flyer (docx file).

The Summer School is organized by the Freudenthal Institute of the Faculty of Science of Utrecht University in collaboration with ICSE Academy.
The goals of this summer school are an increased awareness with regards to diversity in STEM education and to values such as sustainability and inclusivity in STEM classrooms, an enrichment of thematic knowledge and practical skills, and first-hand intercultural experiences.
There are now over 50 applications from several countries for the Summerschool 2023.

The first European workshop series will take place in autumn 2023, from October 3 to January 9

Photo: Elin Iversen/NTNU

The focus of this workshop series is bringing participants up to date in research and teaching in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in connection with European priorities such as fostering sustainability, digital skills and intercultural learning.

Read more about the workshop in the flyer: Flyer (PDF).

ICSE Academy partners at the EDUCATING THE EDUCATORS conference

The conference ETE IV took place in Leiden in the Netherlands in week 19, 2023, in the amazing venue Naturalis.

Several ICSE Academy partners participated with workshops, paper presentations and posters.

At one of the workshops for teachers and teacher educators, five partner countries from the STEMkey project participated, where parts of the teaching materials developed during the project were tried out and discussed:

  • The Periodic System (chemistry)
  • Chemical Reactions (chemistry)
  • Functions (mathematics)
  • Measurements (mathematics)
  • Material Cycles (biology)
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